2020 Club Series Championship

This year’s Club Series Championship will be based on your finishing positions in a number of specifically selected races.

Whilst we have proposed the initial list of races below, further races will be added to the Championship throughout the year. This will give all members the opportunity to suggest races for inclusion. Please come forward with your suggestions. The aim will be to include a range of different types of races, including road races, off-road, long, medium, short etc.

There will be three categories for the ladies:

  • Senior = 18-44 years old
  • Vet 45= 45-54 years old
  • Vet 55 = 55 years plus

There are four categories for the men:

  •  Senior = 18 - 39 years old
  •  Vet 40 = 40 - 49 years old
  •  Vet 50 = 50 - 59 years old
  •  Vet 60 = 60 years plus
  • The applicable category for each member will be based on age at first event (currently proposed as 12th Jan – see below). Note that each HHH member can only compete in one category. For example, a V50 runner will only compete in their V50 category and not in the senior or V40 categories.

Scores will be awarded within each category as follows: 10 points for first HHH member to finish, 9 for second HHH member to finish, 8 for third, and so on down to 2 for ninth, with 1 point awarded for all other finishers.

In order to not deter members from volunteering to marshal at HHH organised races, it has been decided that none of our HHH races will be included in the championship for running points. Instead, to help encourage marshalling at our events, 2 points will be awarded to each marshal at each HHH organised race.

There will be no limit to the number of races entered and all scores in all Championship races will count.

Awards will be presented at the Christmas Dinner Presentation Night.

Simon Barton – Club Championship Co-ordinator

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