Club Merchandise

Running Vests

These are a unisex fit, made from breathable, technical Micropore performance fabric. It has a soft texture and moisture wicking qualities.

Children's Size: 24", 26", 28" - £21.00

Adult's Sizes: 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44" are all classed as adult sizes - £25:00

Club colours must be worn in races to enable you to count for a team prize.

Club vests only must be worn in cross country events, although you are allowed to wear something else underneath as well if the weather conditions are bad.

We also carry a small stock of tshirts in the same sizes and specifications at £17.50.

Long sleeved club colours are also available but have to be made to order at a cost of £20.

Club Hoodies

These excellent quality hoodies are supplied and embroidered locally. They are now available in a range of colours, but most members are purchasing two colours, red or black.

The sizes are as follows:

Juniors: Age 7/8 size 28/30; Age 9/10 size 30/32; Age 11/12 size 32/34. Cost is £19:50. This includes all club logos.

If you would also like your child's name printed to the back, it will be £21.50 (no VAT to add as classed as children’s clothing)

Adults: extra-small 34/36; small 36/38, medium 38/40, large 40/42, extra-large 42/44

The cost is £24.00 which includes VAT.

If you would like your name printed on the back, it would be £25.00.

I have a large, medium and small to try for size.

We can also provide a fully-zipped version, with pockets either side of the zip. Cost for adults £34.00

Club Peaked Caps

Low profile, jockey style.

Lightweight , pre curved peak, vented mesh sides.

Adjustable, one size fits all.

Contains club logo, but not club name. £5